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Dhi Group is a dynamic and diversified organization that comprises three unique companies - ADT, Newforce and MAAS. Together, these companies have developed an impressive portfolio of products and services that have a strong global presence.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Dhi Group has established a strong foothold in the SAAS market, with over 19 offices located across the globe. With a strong global presence and a commitment to excellence, we continue to lead the way in small, medium and large-scale business development and innovation, setting the standard for our SAAS products and services portfolio businesses around the world.


At Dhi MAAS, we are passionate about providing valuable and customized solutions for our customers, tailored to meet their unique needs and challenges. Our primary objective is to gain a deep understanding of our customer's business and industry landscape, enabling us to provide them with answers that truly make a difference.


At Newforce, we're dedicated to providing businesses with the customized solutions they need to succeed in today's fast-paced digital landscape. From IT infrastructure consulting to business change management, project management, IoT, AI, and senior appointments, we offer a wide range of consulting services designed to support clients in their business growth.

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ADT Solution is a leading Global HR and payroll service provider, offering end-to-end solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses around the world. Our one-stop-shop approach allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of HR services that help them navigate the complexities of cross-border operations.

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Our Leadership Team

Our global team comprises over 300+ skilled professionals who are united by a common goal and purpose. Led by our visionary Chairman and CEO Shrinivas Racha, our talented and experienced management team supports us towards growth and success.

Shrinivas Racha

Chairman & CEO

Devidas kulkarni

Executive Director & Advisor

Pawan Mittal

Chief Financial Officer

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